10 Best Tourist Attractions in Sicily

Sicily is the largest island, situated on the Mediterranean Sea. What makes this island totally different from the remaining areas of Italy is its diverse cultural society that covers Asians, some Africans as well as Europeans. For this reason, Sicily is abode of a striking range of architectural luxuries, belonging to ancient Greek times as well as Roman times.

During a tour to the island site, you will surely be surprised by several features of Sicily’s charming landscapes, with some untouched spot, but always delightful due to their simplicity. Some of the interesting scenic areas are as follows-

Palermo – If you would like to get a taste of the real Sicilian life, have a tour to any Palermo’s market. Both the natives and the travelers come to peruse and purchase fresh vegetables and the fruits, fish and also taste the special foods such as breads with cheeses. However, they certainly take part in the custom of strolling round the medieval streets. Vucciria Street, Borgo Vecchio etc are the major street markets here and each one has its exclusive features.

Aeolian Islands- These are a volcanic archipelago having rugged coasts and cliffs, and also some splendid views. It includes seven main islands and the name of the largest one is Lipari that is very crowded during the summer.

Lampedusa- It is the largest one of all the Pelagian Islands and is the southern region of Italy. Lampedusa is situated nearly 200 km away from the coastal region of Sicily, somewhat between the isle of Malta and the island, Tunisia. It consists of rocky seashores, sandy beaches and bays guarded by cliffs and extended ridge structures.

Agrigento- This is a great archeological spot out of town encircled by olive groves as well as almond orchards. Agrigento possesses a number of ancient Greek temples, comprising the Temple of Concord and Segesta.

Siracusa- It was one of the significant cities of the primeval Greek age. The archeological park here is extensive and the city was the hometown of the famous mathematician as well as engineer Archimedes.

Val di Noto- The metropolitan areas of south-eastern part Sicily that are also considered as the late Baroque cities of the Val di Noto are as follows-

  • Caltagirone
  • Militello Val di Catania
  • Catania
  • Modica etc

The best time to stay in Val di Noto is in the season of spring, particularly during Easter when there are many spiritual processions.

Tindari– It is small town in the state of Messina, a site of pilgrimage. It is established by Dyonisus in the year 396. The beauty of the town is still there although in its ruins.

Etna– Situated on the east coastal part of Sicily, near Messina, Etna is the highest active volcano in the continent of Europe. It is regarded as a sacred mountain. You can arrange interesting tours near the mountain Etna that offers surprising landscapes.

Taormina- It is mountainous town and is the most famous resort of Sicily, having full of bistros and stores. It makes an excellent base for a day time excursions in the eastern area of Sicily.

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