5 Dream Destinations in Brazil

If you are planning to visit Brazil now, then you must know about the hottest destinations that you can visit so that you make it sure that they are included in your agenda at any cost. Today we are going to discuss with you about these destinations so that if you are a novice in this prospect then you may be helped to some extent.

Places that you should visit in Brazil:

Sao Paulo-

Termed as the largest city in Brazil, it is a place which has been marked to contain the largest population in the world too. It has a lot of skyscrapers and its robust culture scene will attract you. This city has a typical din and bustle that is bound to attract you a lot. It is a really famous tourist spot and for those who want to see e posh side of Brazil, it is a perfect place.


It is located in the Brazilian highlands and the place is no doubt beautiful. It has been somewhat designed similar to Utopia. It has been demarcated in to different district with different roles. It is a place where you will get to see different kinds of Monuments built long before which will give you a historic feel.


It is the capital of the state named Ceara and it is the fifth largest city of Brail. It has lots of fishing villages which are situated along the Ceara coast. It has a mix of the old and the new which makes the city even more unique. Once you go there you will not have the feel to go back.


If you want to have the taste of tropical forests and water bodies then this is the place for you. Paraty is a very popular tourist attraction spot located along Brazil’s green coast in the state of Rio de Janerio. It used to have a Portuguese colony once but then now, it has a lot of different inhabitants. There you will be given boating services where you can enjoy the surroundings being in water. The serenity in this place is sure to allure you a lot.


It is popularly known as the Venice of Brazil because it contains a number of waterways and bridges. It is the capital of the state named Pernambuco and an important state. This place also contains tropical islands and tourists are attracted because of its scenic beauty old towns and such other stuffs. It is a place that will take you to a world of nostalgia and you will thoroughly enjoy there.


All you have to do is to check out for these places in Brazil and you will want to visit them all over again. Brazil is a place which has mixed sort of culture and you will like the diversity of the place. Again in each place you visit, there is something new in store for you.



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