A ‘Slice’ of the Country that Invented Pizza: Italy

The South European, boot-shaped country of Italy is one of the most populartravel destinations in the world for more reasons than one. Be it the rich culture and enchanting history or the various treasures of art, be it the trendiest fashion or the stunning landscapes throughout the country, be it the passionate people or the mouthwatering cuisine, Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore all of its wonders.

Mentioned below is a list of cities that are ever ready to enchant and mesmerize the visitors.


Rome was the former capital of the Roman Empire and is the current capital of Italy. A city that screams history and astounding architecture from every nook and cranny, Rome is a paradise for tourists of all ages. The history of the ancient Roman Empire is evident in architectural marvels like the Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Forum, Castel Sant’Angelo, or the famous town square of Piazza Navona that is designed with magnificent fountains. The Catholic seat of the world, Vatican City houses the famous St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican Museum (which houses the famous Sistine Chapel with the ‘The Last Judgment’ painting on the ceiling by Michelangelo).


Italy is a romantic country, and nothing proves that better than Venice. Built upon a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea and positioned in northeastern Italy, the city Venice is basically an archipelago of 118 islands all of which are connected by hundreds of spectacular bridges and picturesquecanals. Among the canals, the most famous is the Grand Canal that divides the city into two sections. Astonishing waterways and historic architecture is what defines Venice. Although itis crowdedoften and is pretty expensive, it is worth visiting Venice to see its amazing landmarks like Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge. However, one of the most interesting things to do is to take a gondola ride along the Grand Canal or avaporetti ride along the quiet back canals.


Milan, Italy’s financial and fashion capital, is located in Lombardy in Northern Italy. It’s a sophisticated metropolis and one of the wealthiest cities in Europe.Although it’s a city with a forward-looking attitude but it never forgets its past glories and wonders. Milan is home to designers like Prada, Armani and Versace and consequently boasts of impressive shopping centers that attract many visitors, probably as much as the city’s historical and cultural institutions. Milan has attractions like the Duomo Cathedral, La Scala, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (one of the oldest enclosed shopping malls in the world) and most famously Leonardo da Vinci’s world renowned painting ‘The Last Supper’. Therefore, it is no surprise that, after Rome and Venice, Milan is Italy’s third most visited city.

Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world with more than 47.7 million tourists a year. People visit Italy not only due to its extensive history and priceless monuments and art but also due to its natural wonders in the form of exotic beaches, coastline and mountains.

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