Attractive “Capital of Europe”: Belgium

When asked about Belgium, the most quintessential things to cross someone’s mind are medieval rooftops and those sinful chocolates. On further probing, one might also ponder on thoughts of delicious beer and the lovely canals. However, that is not the only thing that this European country has to offer. Belgium is a heady concoction of cobblestoned streets and historical indulgences, and designer labels and contemporary galleries. The people here are friendly and are always ready to assist the tourists that vacation here in large numbers every year.
Mentioned below is a list of the most attractive places to visit in Belgium.


With the title of Europe’s ‘Venice of the North’, owing to the various canals in this city, Bruges strongly emits the spirit and history of the Vikings. It is the largest city of the West Flanders Province. The Southern side of The Grote Market Square, the city’s main hub, is home to spectacular medieval architecture. Towards the western side of this main hub lies the Provincial Court which boasts of neo-gothic style architecture, while towards the north of the Square lies the fantastic Belfry Tower. The magnificent Gruuthuse Mansion is a sight that is not to be missed, along with the pretty amazing Saint John’s Hospital (built in 1188). The picture-perfect Old Town has the Gothic church, Church of Our Lady which houses a sculpture made my Michelangelo.


The capital of Belgium, which can also be considered as a capital of the entire European Union because of the headquarters of various European institutions located here, Brussels, is particularly known for its varied and diverse sights and places of visit. The city’s center, The Grand Place, established in the 13th century, has a number of terrace cafes and pubs. The Gothic style Town Hall is also a sight of interest among those who have a knack for historical architecture. Galeries St. Hubert is a shopping arcade that has a glass-roof and is located centrally. The place is filled with a number of shops, theatres and cafes. This is one of the most famous shopping centers in Brussels.


The historical city of Ghent, which was one the most powerful and richest cities in Europe during the Middle Ages, is the best kept secret of Belgium. Once also considered as the second largest city situated towards the north of the Alps (after Paris), Ghent’s rich history is pretty evident in the imposing architecture of the houses of the various affluent traders and the various churches. The restored city center stills replicates the late-medieval city state, especially along the picturesque and old Graslei Harbour, the Gravensteen Castle and the opulent and majestic medieval cathedrals.

Although the country is relatively quite small, there are more things to engage oneself in Belgium than in countries twice its size. Traveling through Belgium is breezy as English is widely spoken and this country is well-connectedand tourist-friendly. A cornucopia of historic places, rich culture and picturesque towns and cities, Belgium is sure to mesmerize everyone from the travel junkie to the procrastinator.

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