Chettinad placed in Coastal Tamil Nadu is known for its tourer attractions -the tourist palaces and mansions that replicate the glory and wealthiness of a bygone era. The tourer attractions in Chettinad can facilitate one to reconstruct t the simple yet classy life of the rich Chettiar community of Tamil Nadu.

Kamban Mani MandapamSome of the fascinating tourer attractions in Chettinad are the museums-the Kamban Mani Mandapam, where the renowned Tamil poet and author Kavi Chakravarty Kamban spend a serious a part of his life. The Kamban Mani Mandapam in-built his honor holds literary programmes. Then there’s the Kaviarsar Kannadhasan Mani Mandapam, built in honor of late poet-laureate, which has an picture gallery and a library. Chettinad Museum may be a should see place. Once a Chettinad house, it is now open to the public and and offers one the rare chance of walking into the rooms of a Chettinad house with an amazing collection of artifacts -traditional jewelry, clothing, vast copper vats and grain bins.

I f you want to see how the notable Athangudi tiles are created, you should make a visit to Athangudi. A visit to a tile factory in Athangudi can assist you learnt the art of making and drying these handmade patterned terracotta tiles.

Excursions from Chettinad is created to Devakottai in Chettinad region. The streets of Devakottai afford one the pleasure of walking through a typical Chettiar lane lined with old Chettinad mansions, the foremost notable being Periya Minor’s Veedu complete with Spanish tiled roof, Italian floor tiles and sculptured teak pillars. The Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple constructed in 1872 is an attraction here and is known for the 108 statues of Vinayak.

Places to See in Chettinad

Athmanathaswamy Temple

This temple of Lord Shiva was built in the 10th century.Athmanathaswamy Temple

Chettiar Clan temple

There are a total of 9 temples of the Chettiar clan spread over 9 villages that constitutes the Chettinad region.

Karpagavinayagar Temple

This is a temple of Lord Ganesha. It is situated in Pillayarpatti. This is an example of rock cut temple and ranks among one of the oldest cave temples of Tamil Nadu.

Enjoy the chettinad Tourism and have fun!

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