Delhi –A city suitable for every type of real estate investor

Land is the backbone of any type of business, whether a hospital, a shopping mall or even a food outlet. Land is required as the first investment while setting up any type of business. Let’s understand why prices of real estate increase in any city. As the rise in the price of food products leads to higher prices of dishes served in the restaurant. Similarly as the demand of the property increases in any market in the comparison to the supply it leads to the increase in property prices.

Real estate industry is an industry which is responsible for evaluation of any type of property depending on the locality and the demand of the property. The prices of property, whether for selling or buying is usually defined by a group of people called as a real estate regulator. The industry comprises of various professionals like real estate agents, Property management companies, real estate marketing companies, corporate real estate companies etc.

Understanding about the city

The real estate market is divided into two parts –Cities and secondly the location and area of the property. Prices of the property are also dependent on these two factors across the globe. In India Metro cities are the hot spot for various investors, out of which Delhi is among the favorite location of all. People are attracted towards Delhi due to various job opportunities offered by the city and small sized jobs for uneducated people in unorganized sector of the city which further lead to rise in demand of residential properties in the city.

City is favorite destination for every type of businessman due to huge population and buying capacity of the people staying in the city. People want to buy a property in the markets like GK, Chandni Chowk , Lajpat Nagar , South Ex which worth crores also. Investors are sure of the returns they will be getting after investing crores n the properties initially.

The city is considered as an educational hub where it is divided into two campus area-Souths Campus and North Campus which form a major market for PG and rented residential projects in Delhi. The latest development of the city Metro projects played a vital role in providing smooth connectivity within the entire city which attracted various investors to buy a property in Delhi. Residential projects in the shape of societies which offer luxurious apartments with amenities like swimming pool, parks, jogging area, recreational room to provide an urban lifestyle to the buyer.
Shopping malls are very well accepted by the buyer of the city. People prefer more shopping malls instead of Local Street shopping due to the quality offered by the branded stores. Even for fun and recreational activities families prefer to visit the multiplexes which resulted in an increase in demand due to huge profits earned by the property owners in these malls.

Why to invest in Delhi Property?

Working professionals can easily commute within the city with the help of Metro rail services which is the reason property prices near the metro station are very high. It also helped in reducing the traffic on the road with less pollution in the city also. South Delhi is a saturated location of Delhi with very less new construction of residential properties, but regular development of commercial property in the area.

So if you are planning to invest in the real estate Delhi you should research well about the localities and the type of property you are planning to invest. If you are planning to invest your business in a couple of years you should always invest in Commercial property. If you are planning to change your job in coming years and to settle down in Delhi with your family, this is the right time to invest in the Delhi property market.

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