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In and around Chittoor, you may realize several places that represent the rich culture and tradition of the place. Chittoor not solely has historic association, it’s to supply a number of the most picturesque landscapes in Andhra Pradesh. The richest temple within the world is found in Chittoor district. Chittoor includes a excellent mix of assorted parts to satisfy spiritual, religious and inventive minded persons and do not omit people who love history. Here are the foremost necessary places to go to in Chittoor that you simply have to be compelled to see on you keep here.

Horsley Hills


Horsley Hills could be a hill station in Chittoor. it’s referred to as ‘Andhra Ooty’. this might be an excellent place if you would like to relax and not keen to be longing for some place to go to. The views are picturesque and therefore the weather is amazing. A perfect place with a serene atmosphere if you’re keen to rejuvenate your spirits. Trekking would be difficult and you’ll be able indulge alternative outside activities like swimming and archery. Youngsters can love the park and therefore the small zoo here.

Kaundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaundinya life Sanctuary is found 60 kilometer from Chittoor. The sanctuary is found during a picturesque setting with valleys and hills encompassing it. Unfold across 358 sq. km of land, the sanctuary includes a wide selection of plants and animals. The wild animals found here embrace elephants, Himalayan black bear, hippopotamus, jackals, sloth bear, hyena, panther and plenty of additional. Kaigal and Kaundinya are the 2 streams that flow through this sanctuary and make it more enchanting.


Kalavagunta is situated at the convergence of Aragonda and Ponnai rivers. It is located 8 km away from Chittoor and it houses temples of historic importance. The two famous temples found here belong to the 9th century and they are built in Chola architectural style. The carvings are intricate and the architecture brilliant.


Gurramkonda Fort

Gurramkonda Fort is located on top of a hill that is 500 foot high. Initially, the fort was constructed using mud and rock during the Vijayanagar empire and later went into the hands of Golconda sultans. It was during this period the fort was strengthened with rock walls. The famous Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan had occupied the fort before they succumbed to British.

Nagari Hills

Situated on the banks of River Kusasthali, Nagari is a favorite tourist spot. Nagari Hills has an elevation of about 855 meters. Its highest cliff strikes resemblance with human nose and hence it is famously called the ‘Nagari Nose’. Mountaineers love the place as it offers wide scope for challenging expeditions. Nagari has many famous temples and hence it is frequently visited by pilgrims.

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