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Odessa has many exciting attractions to offer for tourists, however, we won’t dwell on the most typical of sights: Potemkinski Stairs, or Deribasovska Street, or even Primorsky Boulveard. They are all mentioned in the guidebooks, review site sand and traveler reports. Instead, we’ll take you local: to the places most revered by Odesans and most unspoiled by hordes of tourists. Explore our own list of top things to do in Odessa!

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Odessa is known for its good food and quirky cafes. The meals are plentiful, prices are acceptable and the interior design is often fascinating. For an authentic Odessa-Jewish experience, visit Rozmarin – a kosher-food restaurant celebrating the Jewish heritage of Odessa and frequented by locals. For a more mainstream experience, go to Deribasovskaya st. and sit down at Kompot. Try their traditional cherry ‘kompot’, served the way babushka would fetch it from her pantry. If you are traveling with kids, go to Dacha on French Boulevard, where they can take part in an exciting culinary calss.


This obscure pedestrian bridge links Primorsky Boulevard with Zhvanetsky Boulevard. The story of the weird name goes all the way to 1950ies, when the structure was designed. They say, that it was built by the First Secretary of Odessa Communist Party, for the sole purpose of making the walk to his work to his mother-in-law’s house and her delicious pancakes shorter. While some might claim the story is fake, most of Odessans strongly believe it, as bridge serves no real communication purpose. For those in love with adventures, bring your group of friends and try jumping on the bridge. If you jump strong enough, and if the weather is windy, the platform starts shaking!

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Odessa Opera Theater is rightfully considered among the most beautiful in Europe. The original building was finished in 1810, but burned down in 1873. Current Theater design was done in the style of Viennese barocco in 1887. Full restoration of the Opera Theater was completed in 2007. Opera Theater has unique acoustics and even the quietest whispering from the stage can be heard in any part of the hall. In 2008 Forbes Magazine named Odessa Opera Theater among its 11 exceptional Eastern European sights.

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