Excursions from the Hurgadha, Egypt

Egypt is a marvelous place steeped in glorious history. This place with its uncountable historical monuments has an exotic landscape with exquisite beauty. There are numerous excursions scheduled which commences from the city of Hurghada. This excursion continues to places like Luxor, Cairo, Mahimya islands and many others.

Cairo Trip

Cairo is a beautiful city to visit. One can conduct a day trip there or reach there from Hurghada by scheduling an overnight flight. Cairo beholds legendary historical sights the likes of Pyramids of Giza, the Valley Temple, and the very charming Egyptian Museum. On a single day trip, it would not be possible to cover all the landmarks of Egypt except for a few selected ones. In case the overnight flight has been booked, then in that case, most of the enthralling landmarks of Cairo can be witnessed.

Luxor Trip

The ancient temple of Luxor is one of the sights to behold for life. One of the trips to Luxor is on a cruise on the river Nile. This cruise is conducted on a deluxe five star cruise. This trip provides an opportunity to the tourists to visit the Luxor and Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings and various others. One can also reach Luxor via flight from Hurghada. This provides extensive information about the pyramids found all over Egypt. Also, it provides a tour of the pyramid of a giza., Sphinx, valley of kings, the various temples, etc. one can also journey from Cairo to Luxor by a sleeping train. For that, one will have to prepare for a trip of minimum two days. That would provide a unique manner of sightseeing in Egypt. Another way of sightseeing in Luxur would to be to rent a vehicle for a single day and then visit the karnak temple and the Hatshepsut temple, and then go on to explore the Valley of the king tombs.


A visit to Bedouin Village would grant the tourists with an opportunity of a lifetime. In this village the tourists gets the chance to get a camel ride and taste authentic Bedouin food, they are served barbeque food, which they enjoy and cherish under the blanket of stars. Apart from the camel ride, the tourists also get the chance to quad bike tour in Hurghada. The duration of this bike tour lasts for around an hour, where the tourists get to test-drive that bike over the sandy and rocky terrain, over various oasis and mountains.


The underwater life found in this place is breathtaking. There is a 2-hour long submarine tour in Hurgadha, where the tourists get the opportunity to glimpse the colourful coral reefs and the diverse kinds of fishes of the Red Sea. The Sham El Naga bay is another amazing bay in Hurgadha, which facilitates water sports like snorkeling. The Mahmya Island is another beautiful beach for sunbathing, swimming or snorkeling, as is Giftun Island.

These places provide a respite from the everyday hectic life. Nowadays, everybody’s life has become complicated. The tranquil atmosphere of Egypt provides the perfect ambiance for recuperation.





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