Eye Catching Sites in US that Tempt all the Tourists

One of the extremely diverse countries in our world is perhaps United States that grabs a significant level of tourist attractions varying from skyscrapers in Chicago to the sunny beaches in California. Due to these wonderful tourist destinations, it is hard to list only top spots in US. Moreover, if you are an adventure hunter or desire to have a fantastic experience in your life then you must visit the following sites in US.

Time Square

The Manhattan streets of commerce and trade retains the best position among the popular travel spots in the US just because of the attraction to Big Apple, No doubt, the loveliness of Ney York City has drawn numbers of visitors but it is also observed that its great popularity is due to the Crossroads. The sight of the Statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers, the Empire State structure and the Broadway are some of the favorite activities of all tourists.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is also undoubtedly an amazing site to visit. If you visit US but do not go to Las Vegas, it means you have not perceived the beauty behind every object located there. At times it is hard for the tourists as well to portray the actual sensations they feel while staying in the Las Vegas Strip. It is really hard to say that which of the following aspect like artistic, archeological, or recreational qualities portray Las Vegas as the best. Besides, due to these appreciable qualities, the numbers of tourists appear to be increased each and every year. Las Vegas has turn into one of the most admired places in United Sates within a very short time.

Memorial Parks and Mall

Do not forget to go to the National Mall and Memorial Parks when you are on US. Memorial Parks as well as National Mall are not located on a small region that is regulated and organized by the government in a smart way but they are extended for a long area having Jefferson, Washington Memorials and so on. The memorial parks are extended to very big areas that are built beautifully with multicolored flowers and foliage. Due to natural beauty, several families, and kids come there to calm down and enjoy their time they have.

White House

The White House is common to any tourist to the capital of the country. The travelers can go in through the East Wing that comprises much of the house’s entertaining hall. Of the other rooms, there is the State Dining Room along with the Red room, Blue room and so on. The tour, usually takes nearly 30 minutes to be completed.


If you do not have any outdoor experience, any guided tour will enable you to view Alaska during the day. For those who are outdoor expert, this place is full of opportunities for the rocky, backcountry treks. If you want to scramble on the icy glacier, enjoy the wilderness here. You will get a plenty of options to fulfill your dream. There are many famous rivers, and protected water bodies that can give you an experience of jet boat riding, rafting etc.

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