Gardens of Mumbai

Mumbai town, teeming with the crowds jostling for house is marked by a splash of verdure in its fewstunning gardens and parks. The gardens in Mumbai, associate urban metropolis are sprawling improved lawns growing a number of the world’s most exotic flowers.


The parks and gardens of Mumbai are replete with lush foliage whose waft of whose fragrance whizzes past the nostrils of the people strolling across the gorgeous lawns. The lawns are carefully tended by expert gardeners and thrive within the color and enthusiasm of the seasonal blooms. The rambling expanses are sometimes dotted with sparkling pools of water gleaming like a jewel in a brass setting.

The residents of Mumbai ranging from the senior citizen’s laughter club members to the fitness conscious morning walker, the happy family and also the love struck college couple all seek refuge within the lovely gardens that bring a whiff of freshness in their lives. The parks additionally have provisions for the old folks to sit and rest coupled with playgrounds for toddlers.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park nestled in the busy metropolis is a breathtakingly beautiful sanctuary with thick impenetrable forests and sylvan lakes. The park even houses several species of wild animals, which tourists can see on a Lion Safari. Moored on the Malabar Hills rests the picturesque Kamala Nehru Park and also the terrace gardens of Ferozeshah Mehta Gardens or the Hanging Gardens, a preferred evening hangout from where people get a veronica view of the whole city. Jogger’s Park is a park abounding in natural splendor has a popular Bollywood film modeled after it to its credit. The Victoria Gardens , and the Priyadarshini Park are the other renowned parks of Mumbai.

Image by wallygromoldandsolo under CC License.


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