Historically Important Vacation Locations for Family Vacations

Are you bored of always doing the same thing on family vacations? As your kids get a little older, it can be great to take them to places of historical significance so that they have the chance to make a direct connection with America’s past. These are three of the best.

Washington DC

The American Rome, the City of Magnificent Intentions, a place described by JFK as possessed of “southern efficiency and northern charm,” Washington DC is full of fascinating places to explore with your kids. The Lincoln Memorial, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the White House and the Washington Memorial are must-sees, while the National Gallery of Art is full of treasure, and kids with an interest in science or speed will love the National Air and Space Museum. Take them to the Library of Congress to show them the building blocks of the nation, and to Six Flags America, just a short distance outside the city, to blow off some steam.


Charleston city

A beautiful city with a fascinating history, Charleston is a place where your kids can learn about real life pirates (such as Blackbeard), soldiers and revolutionaries. Take them for a horse-drawn carriage ride along cobbled streets to explore the magnificent Nathaniel Russell House Museum or the Drayton Hall plantation; head to the national monument at Fort Sumter to learn about the Civil War and see the H. L. Hunley submarine in the Old Charleston Naval Base, enjoy a family picnic in St Andrew’s Parks or let the kids go wild at Charleston Water Fun.

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New Orleans

A true American melting pot, New Orleans remembers French and Spanish colonial legacies in its architecture, its museums and even its food. Take your kids to the Backstreet Cultural Museum to discover the secrets of the city’s unique culture, and let them discover what it has meant to kids over the centuries in the Louisiana Children’s Museum. The New Orleans Museum of Art is always worth a visit and often has interesting exhibitions on about the city. You can also visit a historical amusement park, Carousel Gardens, which has been operating for over 100 years.

A historical vacation is a chance to make learning fun and throw in a bit of conventional fun along the way. It’s a chance to bring history to life for your kids and help them understand their roots – part of what it means to be a family.

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