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The Central African country of Congo is not only diverse only through its hundreds of ethnic groups, leading different ways of life throughout the country, but also, through the varied cuisine of each of these separate groups. The country is extremely rich in natural resources and is undeniably very beautiful. The short tours mentioned below satisfyingly tap the natural splendor of Congo and provide a subtle essence of the Congolese culture and heritage.

Congo River Tour

Unquestionably, Africa’s most famous river after The Nile, Congo River offers spectacular view of the Congolese capital of Kinshasa, and the various villages and islands that are located north of the river towns. There are also a number of undocumented and colorful birds and fishes to be seen in this tour. The countless ships docked at various harbors and ports of the river are a welcoming site. The various local fisherman and farmers, tilling the river banks, provide a glimpse into the Congolese daily lives and culture. The markets are also boasting with local products that underline the heritage of Congo. They are accessible during this tour.

Kinshasa City Tour

The third largest city on the African continent and the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kinshasa is essentially a commercial center. It is rich in natural resources and has a booming economy that is increasing every day. The heart of Kinshasa is Gombe, its large commercial and residential center which is home to excellent restaurants and finehotels. The tour includes:

  • The Bonobo Sanctuary
  • Avenue du tourisme: It offers the best drive on the
    river, that is extremely beautiful, while taking in the views of the twin river capitals
  • Kabila’s Mausoleum
  • The Botanical Garden.
  • The Main Stadium
  • The National Parliament
  • The National Institute and Museum: This is the site of Mobutu’s former palace and also offers the best view of the river and of Brazzaville.
  • Market of Great Arts and the Musical Center.

Louna National Park Tour

The Congo has a large population of wild mountain gorillas. It is much larger than its neighboring countries of Rwanda and Uganda. Thousands of tourists queue for months to pay escalating prices to encounter a gorilla face to face and see silverback adults, solitary males, and whole families and troops in the wild. It is a life-changing and unforgettable experience to see our earthly cousins this up close. This tour also includes a visit to the orphanage and the Gorilla Protection Project, which is situated on a protected territory of the park, where the gorillas can roam freely. This tour also includes a visit to the Tank Graveyard, where there are towers and rusting war machines from the war history of Africa.

Although this country has been war-torn for a long time, and is still considerably lacking in proper infrastructure, that has also hindered development and extraction and exploitation of its vast reserves of natural resources, Congo is undoubtedly a spectacular country to visit with friends and family alike all around the year, for its people, culture, history and wildlife.

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