Interesting Buddha Statues

Ayutthaya Buddha Head

Thailand’s town of Ayutthaya is that the location of one of the world’s most uncommon Buddhist statues. Among the ruins of Wat Mahathat (The Temple of the Great Relic) is that the remains of a sandstone statue of the Buddha whose body has been lost to the ages however whose head rests suitably within the climb roots and vines of a tree. Around this notable figure are several other stature of the Ayutthaya amount that have survived the ravages of your time.

Gal Viharaya

Located in north central Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is that the site of one of the foremost breathless of the world’s representations of Buddha – the Gal Gal Viharaya. This huge rock temple was created by Parakramabahu the nGreat in the 12th century. The central attraction of the temple are four large Buddha statues inscribed into the face of a granite boulder. Among these large stone figures are a reclining sculpture of Buddha that measures fourteen meters (46 feet) long and a standing figure measuring seven meters (23 feet) high.

Ushiku Daibutsu

The Ushiku Daibutsu is located in the city of Ushiku in Japan. Finished in 1995, the figure is one of the world’s tallest statues, standing a total of 120 meters (394 feet) high including the 10m (30 foot) base and 10m high lotus platform. Visitors to the Buddha statue can take an elevator to a platform where an observation deck is situated. The bronze-plated figure depicts Amitabha Buddha, and is also known as Ushiku Arcadia.

Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Located in Bangkok, Wat Pho is legendary for the large Reclining Buddha sculpture it houses. It’s one among the biggest temples in Bangkok and additionally one among the oldest, made nearly two hundred years before Bangkok became Thailand’s capital. Wat Pho holds the excellence of having both Thailand’s largest reclining Buddha image and also the largest range of Buddha pictures in Thailand. The gold-plated Reclining Buddha statue is forty six meters long and fifteen meters high, and commemorates the passing of the Buddha into Nirvana. The statue’s eyes and feet are adorned with carved mother of pearl, the soles of the feet displaying the 108 auspicious characteristics of verity Buddha.

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