Island not to miss in okinawa


Best for shorelines: Miyako Island

What separates Miyako-jima is its charming cluster of shorelines. One most loved is the exclusive yet freely available Shigira Beach, where you can lease a sun lounger and taste on a naturally made juice blend from the shoreline house. It’s additionally one of the best spots to swim with ocean turtles.

Best for a period twist: Taketomi Island

Taketomi lies simply off the shore of Ishigaki Island and is the site of a wonderfully protected, conventional Ryukyu town. As Taketomi is genuinely little, it is regularly gone by as a day trip from Ishigaki, made justified, despite all the trouble by wonderful shorelines, for example, Kondoi. With its sickle molded leaf-lined cove and shallow sea green/blue waters, Kondoi is ostensibly one of Okinawa’s best shorelines. Amid low tide a little island of sand is uncovered around 100 meters from the shore. Swim out to this sun spot and appreciate the perspective of Iriomote and Kohama, emerald green interferences on a generally sapphire-filled separation.

Best to cycle: Kuroshima Island

For those searching for an accelerating heaven, Kuroshima is it. Little, with couple of autos, cycling is by a long shot the most ideal approach to get around and on the off chance that you touch base before noontime, you’ll have room schedule-wise to visit the island’s primary sights and shorelines before the last ship leaves. When you get drained, ensure you make a beeline for Undouya bistro, prestigious for its coconut crab noodles.


Best for a Robinson Crusoe experience: Aragusuku Island

The best way to achieve this island is by private ship and the absence of standard open administrations mean you’re liable to have a significant part of the island to yourself: simply the way we like it. The ocean is a genuinely staggering shade of turquoise, welcoming you in for an evening of snorkeling under sky blue skies.

Best for postage-stamp encounters: Hatoma Island

This miniscule island is under 0.96 km2, with just 50 occupants. The postage-stamp size implies that whatever bearing you stroll in, you’ll achieve the ocean. In any case, in the event that you need to pick one course specifically, go to minor Shimanaka, a concealed shoreline on the northern end that is perfect for whiling without end an evening.


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