Luxurious and expensive places of Delhi

Delhi is now called the capital of the India. Almost 11 million people live in this city. But if we lookup the count of population as a metropolitan city then this city has got a population of about 16.3 million. As a result now this city has become the second most populous city in India. The nature of the increase of this city cannot be described. Because the speed of being urban was already behind enough of the NCT. And the growth has also spread to many other areas including almost all the neighboring cities and also some towns. Now the political meetings of Delhi are as important as one of the central government. This city is situated in the Northern India. This city is the largest city of India according to its area. It has got a total area of about 1,484 square Km. But 783 squqre Km of the whole area is considered as rural area and 700 square Km is considered as urban area. This city is also the most polluted city in India and also in the whole world. This city is also suffering from other problems like traffic jam and also other types of pollution. It is also suffering from social and economical problem. During winter a lot of traffic jam occurs due to heavy fog. Yet this city has made a great development in providing its people shelter in many luxurious buildings. These buildings are also used for increasing standard of the city and also increase the outlook of the city.


Vasant Vihar is one of the most special and expensive neighborhood. This place is situated in the south which is far away from west Delhi. West Delhi is a district Delhi which is also the national Capital. This place is one of the most exclusive areas in the world. This place is both home and work place to many important and high prestigious people. Even many international sports player come here. This place has two market. From the market the area of the cinema complex has started. Here people comes to enjoy their time. This place is also situated in such position that it is close enough to the area where many diplomats are staying. Over 50 houses of many diplomats who are in missions of foreign countries are lying here. Streets coming from east and west crossed that area. These area forms a rough triangle which is much close to the neighborhood. The neighborhood was first residential. When it was planned first it was consisting of several blocks. These blocks were named alphabetically from A to F. Each and every block has its own local market. All the houses which are situated on Palm Marg also includes some of the most expensive and also exclusive real state. These states were in the NCR region. Even Vasant Vihar is the 16 th most expensive and exclusive residential area in the world. Other residential colonies are also close enough to this area. These colonies were built for the workers who were working with different organizations. Even many members of parliament live here. At the edge of the neighborhood and across the road, the UttraSwami Malai Temple is situated on a small hillock. A church is also situated here which have much historical value. Also some monuments are still in this place which were built during the Mughal reign. These monuments also got a lot of historical value. This place is also near to the Holy Angels Hospital. They gives all kind of services in the whole area of South Delhi. The price of any house in this area is much higher and the range of price is ₹25 to ₹200 Crore which means from $5 million to $40 million. It also has a larger community center which is also called Kalyan Kendra. It is run by the Residents Welfare Association (RWA) where many functions are occurred for getting together. There is also a community club which is called the Vasant Vihar Club, a well equipped gym, facilities for swimming and a well organized bar and also all types of opportunities for playing Tennis, Table tennis, Badminton etc.

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