Places to Stay and Visit in London

If you are the person thinking about a trip to London, then you should plan all the places to stay and visit beforehand so that you do not have to be in a quandary anymore when you reach the place. But it is very easy to be confused about the places you would like to stay and also where to visit, especially if it is for a short duration of time. So we can help you out regarding these things so that the trip becomes easier for you. Some of the Hotel Deals London are

Places where you can stay

Britannia The International Hotel is the one in which you can have a luxurious stay with all the privileges that you have been craving for. It seems just like a home away from home and that is the reason why you would like to book your rooms there. The rooms are spacious and well furnished and this hotel also consists of excellent staff.
Ace Hotel London is a place where you can stay with a home like ambience. It is a perfect hotel for family trips and therefore if you are planning for something like that, then this is just the right place for you. This hotel gives excellent fooding services and you can also use the wifi for free so that you can keep up with the work too.

The Connaught is a 5 star hotel that will set your heart in a perfect glee. Be it a family trip or a work one, you will definitely get the satisfaction you desire. The room services are perfectly well and you will be always looked after, no matter what.

Places you can visit:

When you are going to London, visiting the Art galleries over there is perfectly mandatory. So here are a list of art museums in London that is a must watch.

British Museum– It is one of the world’s oldest museums it is famous for its vast collections and only a part of it is sown right now. But it is a lot to take in the first time. Mummies are a special attraction of this museum and also there is the Rosetta stone to see and admire.

V&A House is one of the places for great collection of decorative arts and you will be left to admire. It deals in a multi dimensional field of sculpture, portraits, etc. This is one of the leading art galleries and during the peak tourist season the crowd will give a proof of its popularity.

Natural History Museum is one of the museums in London to display stuffed animals of all sorts. But the main attraction is Diplodocus which towers over the central hall.

Science Museum is an art museum dealing with scientific artefacts and is a must watch for everyone who has even gone to a short trip in London.

So now you can say that you are truly knowledgeable about the places to stay and to visit during your short trip to London. So what are you waiting for?

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