Places To Visit In Kovalam

Kovalam, that is South Dravidian for ‘Grove of coconut trees’ is found by the Arabian Sea within the Indian state of Kerala, and is thought for its superb beaches. because the name suggests, the town is characterised by its endless rows of coconut trees and is usually known as the ‘Paradise of the South’. The city became one in every of the most important holiday hotspots in India, once the hippy culture explosion throughout the 1970’s and it became a vital a part of the flower child path. The town’s picture Halcyon Castle was engineered throughout the time of the Travancore Queen princess Sethu Hindu deity Bayi within the 1930’s. As a result, her European guests discovered the town’s distinctive beauty and it presently saw the arrival of incalculablehordes of tourists. Today, Kovalam is one in every of the most important holidaymaker spots in Kerala. Here’s the list of the most effective places one will visit in Kovalam.

Lighthouse Beach

As the name suggests, the beacon beach is characterised by its thirty five meter tall beacon and isone in every of the most important tourist hotspots within the town. The beach is that thelargest of the three beaches in Kovalam and is frequented largely by the foreign tourists thanks to it being additional developed. The beacon is placed atop a hill known as the Karumkal Hill and might be simply reached by foot.

Hawah Beach

Quiet curiously, the Hawah Beach was named throughout the time once it got known because thefirst and solely topless beach India. The name Hawah interprets to ‘the wind’ and may be a pun on the topless European ladies that accustomed drift on the beach.

Samudra Beach

Samundra beach, in contrast to the opposite 2 is that the most sparsely inhabited beach in Kovalam and is generally employed by fishermen. The beach is best for folks that wish to pay some quiet time and meditate amidst the sounds of the ocean. Bathing alone isn’t advisable because thebeach is commonly vacant and therefore the shore may be a bit rocky.

The German Bakery

One of the simplest mid-priced eateries in Kovalam, the German workplace is found on the beacon light beach. The German workplace is known for its superb breakfast menu and is one in all the simplest places to pay the hot evening along with your friends. The Pancakes and shakes area unitaltogether value creating by removal into.

Karamana rivers

Starting close to the Western Ghats, flowing into the sea, the Karamana watercourse is one in all the foremost rivers in Trivandrum with 2 dams designed thereon. The watercourse is one in all the simplest places to go to in Kovalam to expertise the fruits of nature that Kerala has been endued with.

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