Shanghai- a Major Tourist Spot in China

Shanghai, a dynamic and energetic global metropolis, greets tourists from all over the earth to enjoy its unique atmosphere. Such a modern city with its rich tradition of primeval Chinese customs has much to see.

Huangpu River

This river is the mother river in the city of Shanghai that divides the land into eastern and western areas, and also gathers the grand attractions of the metropolis. Located on the eastern bank of the River, Bund is the icon of Shanghai. Modern finance and business houses as well as impressive buildings were created in the era of 1930s in a particular European architectural pattern along the Bund. Bright lights, seen at night add to the cheerful atmosphere as the natives stroll along the extensive riverside walkway.

Nanjing Road

This route is regarded as the number one commercial road in China that has been a milestone for this city since a long time. On the 5.5 km of the road, you will discover more than 600 stores, which are visited by nearly 1.7 million public every day. At this point, you could buy everything wish, starting from special and inexpensive souvenirs to the lavish and reputed brands.

Yuyuan Garden

This garden is the biggest of Shanghai’s primeval gardens that blend Ming styles and Qing architectural designs. The garden includes six areas, and each one of them has its own style. A Grand Rockery, at the core of the Garden area, is the most prominent view. Near this garden, you can find an Old City God Temple, and near it there are lots of local snack shops scattered around.

Jade Buddha Temple

This is one of the most well-known Buddhist holy places in Shanghai. White Jade Buddhas, found here were brought from Burma in the 19th century period. One idol is seated whereas the other one is in the recumbent pose of Sakyamuni that indicates the Buddha’s realization of enlightenment. The temple moreover has some inspiring figures of the Heavenly Kings. Though many natives come to worship all day and even burn incense at the holy shrine, tourists are always greeted.

Xin Tian Di

If you desire to enjoy the historical atmosphere and cultural mood of Shanghai, Xin Tian Di is a better option. Created with Shikumen and latest architectural fashion, now it has turn out to be a hot and trendy pedestrian street in the hub of the city. In fact, it represents the popular and relaxed life style of the new generation of the city. The outdoor coffee bars and romantic bistros can be seen all over.

Oriental Pearl TV Tower– It is the modern icon of Shanghai. Standing near the Huangpu River with an altitude of about 468 meters, it is the giant TV tower in the whole Asia. Such a strange structure that seems to touch the skyline is a huge attraction to tourists. In addition, World Financial Center, which the chief multi-functional skyscraper in the nation presents the full coverage of Lujiazui as well as Puxi areas.The creative blend of the traditional Chinese traditions with the modern architectural fashions of the time, turn this tower, the best-designed structure.

Since Shanghai is continually changing with new malls, bistros, nightclubs, and striking parks, it has attracted several tourists in the past few years and will obviously be successful in doing so in the future.

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