Shopping Areas in Goa

No journey is complete till you are taking home some souvenirs to create your trip unforgettable. So looking is usually a priority for each traveler.

The fantastic handicrafts of Goa are a must buy for everybody. Brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochets, incised article of furniture, bamboo work, paper, etc create glorious memento and are obtainable in Government Emporiums and additionally at retailers and stalls close to the favored traveler spots. Another item that’s additionally terribly popularly wanted out by many patrons could be a pack of celebrated cashews. Goa’s cashew batty are known in Asian nation and abroad. There are a good sort of cashews obtainable for sale: plane, preserved and cooked. province even have some known market places, that are a requirement visit for all tourists.

Where to Shop in Goa

Anjuna Market

The notable Anjuna market, far-famed additional popularly because the flea market is endured each wed in a very grove of coconut palms between the rocky beach of Anjuna and therefore the fallow rice paddies. The construct of flea market was started by the hippies in early 80s, once they wont to gather at a similar place in Anjuna whereas several destitute foreigners wont to sell their electronic things or barter different stuffs to the locals. it’s a mad, chaotic world of colors, crowds, shouting, clamor and clatter and every one manner of products from materials, decorative crafts, spices, clothing, native Goanese, Kahmiri and Tibetan handicrafts and Goan trance music.

Calangute marketplace

Calangute Beach is just 9 miles north from the Goan capital, Panaji. The beach stretches regarding four miles and is roofed with palm trees. The streets of Calangute are filled with retailers giving a large vary of products, particularly souvenirs, metal crafts, animal skin things, garments and jewelry, not simply from Goa, however from different components of the country further. The beach stretch is packed with shacks, hawkers commercialism sarongs or astrologers or fortune-tellers waiting thirstily to browse the fortune of the tourists. . There’s conjointly a Tibetan market in Calangute. Kashmiri merchants conjointly frequent Goa with carpets, embroidery, and different merchandises.

Get covered before you leave

Baga Beach

The Baga Beach located 10 kms west of Mapusa, is actually an extension of Calangute beach with clean white sand. Like the flea market of Anjuna, Baga has started a Saturday night market, which is quite impressive but somehow lacks the liveliness and splendor of the Anjuna market. The beach also has many beach shacks and beach huts that sell delicious Goan food and thirst-quenching Feni. The lively Saturday night market here is much like the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna, only prettier under the night sky and lit up with lamps. There are plenty of handicrafts shops. Here stalls sell all kinds of bric-a-brac, clothes, trinkets, exotic delicacies and Goanese Cuisine. Funky haircuts, tarot reading, palmistry, wood carvings are also available. Plus live bands that create a carnival like ambience simply makes the place rock.

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