Silk Route- a Very Popular Ancient Site in China

Vacation is the best time for all of us to get out of the home and decide for a trip with family or with friends. However pre planning is needed whether it is any short vacation or a long one. If your destination spot is China, the name that comes first to mind is the Silk Route- an ancient road where the eastern culture merges with the west. Some of the attractions in this Silk Road are discussed here.


The ancient city is surrounded by the city wall and has four major attractions. One of them is Great Islamic Mosque, which was established at the time of the Song Dynasty. Next is the Bell Tower that was originally set up during the Ming Dynasty. There is also the Drum Tower and also the Provincial Museum with several cultural relics. Terra-cotta Warriors is also the greatest archeological item found in this city.


It is in the form of a narrow and extensive valley surrounded by hills along with the Yellow River. This is the capital city of the province of Gansu with inhabitants of about 2.83 million. The city is called so since it is situated in the central part of Gansu Province, having Gaolan Mountain in the south.


It was formerly known as Liangzhou. It is situated between Qilian Mountains in the south west part and Tenggeli Desert to the north. At present this is a historical and artistic city. This ancient Liangzhou is indeed a prosperous land with a lot of merchants shifting to the Western area. In the past Monk Xuanzang preached Buddhist principles here.

Jiayuguan Pass

Located 4 kilometers to western part of Jiayuguan city, this Jiayuguan Pass is at the western point of the Great Wall belonging to Ming Dynasty. This is also the most significant and best-preserved pass of all the thousands of routes of the Great Wall created during Ming Dynasty period. It took nearly one sixty years to set up this strategic station.


It is situated in the Turpan Basin on the southern base of Tianshan Mountains. This city has inhabitants of almost 200,000, and most of them are Uygurs. Known as Gaochang in the past, this was a major site on the northern way of the Old Silk Road. This is also the hottest and most arid area in China.


The meaning of this name is a beautiful pasture land. It is the cultural, learning, and political centre of the region, Xinjiang Uygur. The city presently has the inhabitants of 1 million and almost 80% of these people are Han. It is located to the western part of Bogda Mountain. For almost 2000 years, the region near Urumqi has been covered by green pastures occupied by many minorities who have farms of cattle. The right season to go to Xinjiang is the time from July to October.


It is located in the south of Tarim Basin and was once the place of Yutian Kingdom that had covered the southern course of the Old Silk Road. Hotan is famous for jade and many the seals of the emperors of China were prepared with Hotan jade.

Thus, walking through the tracks which Marco Polo once used, exploration of the camel train, classical architecture etc all can be found if you visit Silk Route.

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