Some Interesting Attractions in Turkey for the Tourists

Turkey, with its pastoral environment and glorious history, presents the modern travelers a great relief from the congested cities where they dwell. Its various monuments, prosperous history, welcoming locals and appealing culture make this spot one of the excellent holiday destinations. Moreover, the cuisines of this nation have some refreshing items to present to the taste of a foodie. On the whole, it assures an exceptional time to each of the tourist.

There are various sightseeing attractions that you can explore:

Hagia Sophia Museum

In addition to its exquisiteness, what is so appealing about this site is its charming past. Hagia Sophia Museum began as a church about thousands of years ago and was later converted into a mosque. At present, it has taken the shape of a museum for the visitors to visit. Its layout is not only captivating but fairly intriguing as it has parts of a cathedral and also a mosque. Often Turkey vacation packages include this place in their program.

Blue Mosque

It is an extremely stunning 17th century design, which has stood as the symbol of the past to become one of majestic contributions to the modern mankind. Its name is extracted from its bluish color, which is used by its towers and minarets to make it one of the most gorgeous buildings of Istanbul. Many Turkey hotels have some rooms, which face towards this mosque.


It is the chief natural attraction and is really picturesque spot on the earth. The spring waters appear to manifest themselves in the sparkling pristine way at this site with the white sedimentary rocks surrounding the entire region. This natural place is about fourteen thousand years old and is the well-conserved historical asset of Mother Earth. The spring water is even said to have healing properties and a lot of tourists make their flight booking to this nation just to see this exceptional wonder.


This is a city that is now demolished and wholly in ruins. This site is indeed an archaeologist’s pleasure and a historian’s great fantasy. It moreover holds good religious importance and is abode to the well-known 7 Churches of Revelation. It was the spot where one the prophet St. Paul preached sermons to spread his ideas.


It is a peculiar rocky formation where the rains along with the wind have played a great role in creating such an awful shape to these figure. Make certain that your Turkey vacation programs comprise this place in the list.

Aspendos Theater

This Theater is a huge building that is quite parallel to Rome’s Coliseums. This was built about nineteen hundred years ago and is a indication of Turkey’s grand past.

Patara Beach

To include this place in your program can give a new aspect to a Turkey visa. It is an exceedingly charming and natural beach that is unspoiled, and wholly surrounded by mountains.

Turkey vacation plans may offer you easy flight booking, reside in the greatest Turkey hotels and outstanding chance of sightseeing at a very affordable budget.

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