Some Least Recognized Spots in Tibet

Tibet was once covered in mystery and was regarded as a mythological territory till the mist of its obscurity was penetrated in the nineteenth century by means of the European explorers. The travelers from all over the globe gather at various sites in Tibet that provide the real time pleasure.

Before, you begin your trip to Tibet it is significant to learn the status of those destinations according to their importance. In Tibet, you may come across some places that obtain the least credit as the familiar tourist spots but are no less charming than the popular tourists’ spots.

Selling-Tso Lake

The lake covers an area of about seventy two Kilometer and extends over the vast region from east to the West. This comprises the distance of about 22.8Kms from the point of South to the point of North lying at a height of 4530 meters. This lake looks as the natural abode for the wild animals, which contains the snow leopards, some species of Tibetan snow cock and many.

Sweet Tea House

In this place, you can get the nice essence of the sugary and butter tea that is generally served up with Tibetan noodles. The tea houses are mostly located in Lhasa where the natives enjoy a common table with the tourists when they have a sip of tea in the morning to find a refreshing sensation. The delicious tea, as referred by the Tibetans was initially the coffee that is the common caffeinated drink item in the Western nations.

Shugseb Nunnery

The trekkers and any person who wants to explore the beaten track can enjoy this tour to Tibet’s major nunnery located in a huge natural bowl nearly 65 km to the south of the city of Lhasa. The province is a preferred by bird-viewers.

From the end of the drivable road it’s a steep 45-minute hike up to the village-like nunnery. The central hall here includes a three dimensional mandala belonging to Drolma and sculptures of Guru Rinpoche, and some old Lamas.

Mindrolling Monastery

This monastery was set up in 1676 but even today it stands well on the Southern point of the river Yarlung Tsangpo. In the past, the intellectuals and other knowledgeable persons visit here to study about the Buddhist scriptures. Mindroling was seriously ruined in the year 1718 by the attack of Dzungar Mongols from the eastern Turkistan.

The streets near the monastery have many Tibetan ruled cafes. But, unfortunately, because of the change in administrative rules, foreigners are now no longer permitted to stay during the night in Clement Town.

Nechung Monastery

This monastery is sited within some Kilometers distance from Drupeng and attracts the cultured individuals who teach by means of the meditation process. Set up in the year1973 this monastery carries on the traditional customs even today. If you desire real Tibetan melody, not mere chants this is the place where you can find, recorded in the place where the Dalai Lama resides. If you listen to the entire CD, it will produce a great contemplative affect.

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