Some Vibrant Christmas Holiday Destinations

Whether you spend your winter holidays reliving your nostalgia – with traditions, sparky lights, and nippy air or take a radical break from it by going to a far-flung hideaway – breaking the habit of staying at home will always reward you a Christmas worth remembering forever. Keeping this in mind, this article rounds up diverse and exceptional places that will drive you in the spirit of taking off.

Here are some vibrant Christmas holiday destinations that you might consider:

Prague, Czech Republic:

Time will come to a halt in Prague during Christmas. People from all over the world choose to experience the magic in this beautiful city during Christmas, with all the wonders that the city has on offer. One feels a winter wonderland is unleashed in the streets of Prague on the arrival of winter. From a boat tour to a walk in the streets, each and every experience will force you to cherish every moment of it.

Lapland, Finland:

We all know that Santa is synonymous to Christmas, and where can you him if not in his own house? Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa, situated in Finland. The place is simply wonderful, not just for children but for people of all ages. An experience of staying in an igloo hotel or a husky safari is worth every bit of your time. If you want something even more different, you can try your hand in fly fishing, provided you have enough money in your pocket. And if you are fortunate enough you may have the opportunity to see the Northern Lights!

Leipzig, Germany:

Considering Germany to be one of the most popular countries, specially talking of football, automobiles, beer and Christmas markets, it would be pity if you do not add it to your travel list. And when you talk about spending Christmas in Germany, Leipzig should be considered as your first option. The city Leipzig has got a good load of its culture on offer along with its stunning architecture. The destination is great in attracting children by its whole range of gift stalls offering the best Christmas gifts in Europe. It has got the tastiest traditional food stuffs that will pick your nose (Pulsnitz, Gingerbread, reindeer sausage, fresh salmon, oven-fresh pretzels etc.). The place will fascinate your children with its fairy-tale forest while you can indulge yourself over a glass of mulled wine or a coffee in Europe’s oldest coffee house, Coffee Baum.

Shillong, India:

When you consider India as your holiday stay for Christmas then you must not give a second thought in having a tour to Shillong. Christmas in Shillong, is celebrated with great pomp and style. The place has a Cathedral Church, the oldest in North East India, which is the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the globe to gather in order to attend the Midnight Mass. The pre-Christmas celebrations at All Saint’s Cathedral, where a century old fir tree is illuminated and the priest’s talk of the joys of Christmas along with chiming of bells and melodious hymns and tall natural Christmas tree add to the festivities.



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