Sun, Sand and Surf at Jacó, Costa Rica

It is said that the traveler’s happiness is only measured by the length of the paradise the traveler has walked. I say, happiness is never measured but felt and as such, feel even happier at the splendid beaches of Jacó, one of Costa Rica’s two largest tourist towns. Getting here is equally remarkable because of the 80 miles of scenic drive from San Jose’s airport. This is perfect for fun times with friends if you know what I mean, booze and chips inside a car whilst soaking up the fascinating nature views surrounding you. Nonetheless, it can be romantic too and a darn perfect one. Think about minty ocean breeze blowing off your date’s hairs as you whisk your way across breathtaking hills and selfie worthy drive pullovers. Traveling has never been this exciting. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your ESTA Visa with you for an incredible and hassle free fun adventure.

Once you get to the city, you will find that it’s quite small so walking around is feasible. There’s one plus to walking, you can linger longer to any attraction you like or you can simply start walking away if you happen to not like the place you visited. You’re the captain and your feet’s the ride. It’s definitely fun and relaxing besides being a healthy choice.


Jaco’s streets are filled with surprisingly warm people and you can find many shops just about anywhere you go to find amazing gifts for your home folks. If you rented a car, it is best to take a scenic drive along the Costanera, the splendid scenery is not only soothing to the senses but more refreshing than you can imagine. You can find plenty of private and secluded beaches along the way too provided that you pullover safely on the roadside. You can also reach the beautiful park of Manuel Antonio that happens to be one of Cost Rica’s National Parks.

The most popular beach activities are surfing and Boogie Boarding. The latter is relatively new so not a lot does it and so should you because you can easily break a bone or two. However, for surfing, even if you’re a beginner you can surf the friendly waves of Jaco. Beach breaks are more common during the high tide and this happens to be the most crowded time of the day. Be sure to enter credible surf camps to get the best and reliable surf boards and to make it easier on your part, I’ve listed some below that also offer other exciting activities.

The Del Mar Surf Camp offers premium surf lessons that are perfect for beginners.

The Del Mar Extreme offers more than water sports such as mountain biking and paddling. Surprisingly it also offers yoga classes and boxing too, perfect for fitness junkies.

For the adventurous, head to the Jaco Beach Zip Line Canopy Tour where you can harness yourself and zip over thick forests filled with fantastic waterfalls, exotic birds and amazing wildlife. The fear of falling and being right in the midst of the jungle is quite exhilarating and adds more fun; after all you’re an adrenaline junkie.

If you’re serious about surfing, head to the Vista Guapa Surf Camp where you can take master classes about professional surfing. This is owned by a champion too, by Alvaro Solano making these people credible enough to teach you advance surfing techniques.

Have fun.

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