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Tamil Nadu is one of the most well known and important states in India that pleasure your eyes with its attractions at its best. Tourist and visitors from different parts of the world can get to find out and enjoy the cultural and the historical heritage that make Tamil Nadu a favorite tourist destination in India. Lots of people travel to Tamil Nadu to see the crumbling old temples where myths and legends come live in etched stones. Travel to Tamilnadu to see how master craftsmen chiseled created sheer music out of solid rocks in Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram. Check out the following places that must not to be missed when you plan a visit to the fantastic Tamil Nadu. Go ahead and indulge in the beauty of Tamil Nadu.


Most Preferred Beaches in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu beaches are one of the principal tourist attractions in the state and all of them make Tamil Nadu a favorite tourist destination in India. The state sports some of the best beaches in South India that have a charm of their own. All these are ideal destinations for sun bathing, relaxation, and water sports activities. Located at a distance of forty kilometers from Chennai, Covelong serves as the perfect holiday destination for those who wants to enjoy their leisure time in perfect solitude. Shining with the reflections of sunset and sunrise Kanniyakumari boasts of a range of interesting places and creations. There are also some of the other tourist places that can also be visited to cherish your fantastic trip. Kurusadai Islands is the haven of rare and near extinct species of marine sphere. A favorite exploration spot of marine specialists and aquatic researchers, the Islands has a global recognition for its unique coral reefs. With proper approval of the fisheries department the place can be visited by general people.

Shopping in Tamil Nadu

Shopping in Tamil Nadu is a truly delightful experience. The region boasts of an exceptionally rich heritage of arts and crafts. One of the most popular items for shopping in Tamil Nadu is its silk fabric. Thanjavur, Coimbatore and Kanchipuram have earned worldwide fame for the silks whereas in Mahabalipuram you can buy the stone sculptures. Another renowned item for shopping in Tamilnadu is musical instruments, which are used in Indian classical music. At the same time the bronze and brass cast statues and artifacts would leave you spoilt for choice.


Wild Life in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, the cultural hot seat of South India has added another feather in its cap owing to its diverse natural heritage. Tamil Nadu Wildlife Tours are thus quite naturally a rage among the tourists. A delightful blend of dry and wet deciduous forests, wet evergreen forests, sholas, grasslands and thorny scrubs and mangroves make up the state’s natural vegetation.

There are also some of the other places that can also be visited when you plan a visit to Tamil Nadu. Explore all the places and have a blast in your trip. Enjoy!

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