Top Eight Places you would Want to Visit in Europe

If that is really the case with you then it is high time that you start planning on places that you will want to visit in this short interval. Yes it is true that the whole of the Europe is beautiful in general but then you of course cannot visit all the places at a go. So if you are feeling totally confused about the places you would like to go then we are here to help you with it today. Today we are going to discuss about the eight famous places of tourist attraction in Europe.

List of these places:

  • Rome, Italy- If you want to see the bright and sunny part of the Europe, then Rome is just the right kind of thing for you. Surrounded with historical buildings, it will bring back the sense of nostalgia in you. Places that you should not be missing in Rome are The Vatican City, The Colosseum, etc.
  • Paris France- The beautiful of the lot, this is a place you would not dare to miss at any cost. If you are looking for a place that is just like the one you have heard in the stories then it is none but Paris. It contains all the ingredients that you will want to have- culture, fashion, style statement and a lot more. Go for The Louvre, The Eiffel tower, etc.
  • Barcelona, Spain- Wan to go for the movies and the discs? Well then Barcelona is just the right kind of place for you. It is a place for all kinds of people and you will enjoy thoroughly here for sure. Good for architecture too! Places to check out- The beach, under the radar, markets etc.
  • London, United Kingdom- One of the most popular place in the world you will definitely have to go for it. Without it your trip is simply incomplete as it is the most important business and culture hub.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands– Beautiful is the word for this city. It contains a lot of historical places but it is also popular for the red light district. The places you can check for here are Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank’s house and so on.
  • Dublin Ireland– Yes you have to go a bit out of the track of mainland Europe but then it is worth the trip to go and watch a gorgeous place.. It is a great place to walk and there are lots of bars, Guinness factory, Trinity College and so on.
  • Athens Greece– This is a place I guess you will kill to visit. Get to have the taste of the Greek mythology here and get to know about the Gods too1 Nightlife is a thing you should not miss.
  • Edinburgh– It is a place similar to London just a bit on the smaller side. You will enjoy the serene surroundings there.

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