Undiscovered and Secluded Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful place to visit, both by day and night. This mesmerizing country possesses a very soothing and tranquil ambiance, which lures in tourists from all over the world. This Southeast Asian country is home to marvelous cities the likes of Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and various others. All of these places are picture perfect stretched from the east side of the country to the west and from the north to the south. There are also some places, which are still not popular with the tourists yet. Yet these unknown places are amazingly beautiful.

The North

In the northern part of Thailand, there are some really mesmerizing places located, like Chiang Rai and Pai. Chiang Rai has retained its authentic ambiance, located in the northernmost part of Thailand. Therefore, if somebody has the wish to experience the authentic Thai country ambiance, a visit to this place is surely called for. Some aspects like lodging in the bamboo nest bungalows tasting the local food, which is the local catch made with spices and sticky rice and freshly picked mangoes really enhances the countryside experience. All these factors portray the way the locals reside in these places and speak about their lifestyles. This place with its waterfalls and jungles provides a very tranquil and soothing place, where people can take rest from their very busy schedules.

Pai is another place found up in the north. This place is mainly attracted by those tourists, who are interested in backpacking. This place is known for providing a complete Zen atmosphere with its lush greenery and the hippie Rastafarian watering holes, where people can hang out and blow the steam off from their hectic lives.

The South

Ao Nang is home to one of the best beaches of Thailand, the Railey Beach. This place can be reached by a boat ride. It is a famous destination for extreme sports, after Chiang Mai, in Thailand. This place is also ideal for obtaining a good tan and wave lapping. It is a beautiful paradise, which has not been quite discovered yet as a tourist spot, so it stays secluded.

The East

Ko Chang Island is located on the eastern part of Thailand. This island is the second largest island of Thailand. In terms of beauty and ambiance, it is no less than Phuket. Only it is a lot less crowded. Ko Chang Island is a proud host of a world famous, national park and its pristine white sandy beaches. This place has a very tranquil atmosphere, with abundance of flora and fauna, all of which makes this place one of the best-suited regions for snorkeling.

The West

Kanchanaburi is a quaint town located in the western side of Thailand. This is not a mere small town with nothing to do. Tourists are encouraged to hike the gorgeous town, volunteer for services to attain knowledge about the lifestyles of the locals. There are various tourist spots in this town, which can be visited like the various temples, museums and bridges like the Death Railway Bridge. There are other places like the Srinakarin Dam National Park and its famous Pha Tad waterfalls.

Thailand is an amazing country with mesmerizing beauty and some of its beauty has not been unearthed yet. There are more places like that, which are yet to be known as a tourist attraction.

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