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When you hear “casino“, you think of the glitter and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip, or maybe the gambling dens of Macau. But the word, and the phenomenon itself, has originated in Europe – the Old World had casinos way before the first run-down gambling house was ever built in Vegas. They are places with style and history, many of them still having their original function.

European casinos are much smaller than their American counterparts, maybe because locals have the freedom to play through alternative methods. Most countries in the EU allow their citizens to play online casino games from home, using their computers or mobile devices. They can head over to the All Slows whenever they feel like – and they have the reasons to do so, too. For one, the All Slots has an amazing collection of casino games they can play free or for real. Besides, it also has some generous offers for its new and existing players, not to mention the collection of All Slots exclusive special offers that will make their mouth water. With as many great games and specials as All Slots has, Europe doesn’t really need huge casino resorts like in Las Vegas. But it has the oldest ones in the world.

Solar Casino NightThe very oldest casino still functioning is in Venice, Italy, right on the shores of the Grand Canal. Called simply Casinò di Venezia (Venice Casino), the building is over 400 years old. Initially built as a residence for local nobility, it has been transformed into a gaming house in 1638. Its amazing interiors make it fit for royalty – arches, paintings, sculptures, Mattia Bortoloni’s murals, as well as the beautiful chandeliers make the Casinò di Venezia a must see, not just for gamblers.

Two famous German spas are competing for the second place, both built at the beginning of the 19th century. Kurhaus Wiesbaden and Kurhaus Baden Baden both house a casino, but they don’t focus on gambling like their US counterparts – gambling is the “added value” to their real treasure, the thermal springs. Baden Baden has the more beautiful setting, located at the outskirts of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) area, while the Wiesbaden spa has the most beautiful interior.

And no list would be complete without the most famous casino in Europe, the Casino de Monte Carlo. Built in 1856 and expanded several times ever since, it is a beautiful example of the luxurious architecture of the times. While visiting the casino for gaming is forbidden for Monaco residents, the building – and its services – attract thousands of tourists each year. The Monte Carlo Casino is the unchallenged symbol of European gambling, and has been featured in several literary works and even movies.

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