Wonderful Reasons to Visit Seoul

The bustling, South Korean town of Seoul has a ton to offer both first-time and returning guests. While Seoul could be crowded and competitive megacity, there’s also a variety of unique and historical attractions to see. If you’re considering a vacation to Seoul, find that attractions will make your visit that you simply can never forget.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok VillageBukchon is arguably the foremost lovely and historical region in Seoul, and it’s an excellent destination for guests who want to learn more about the city’s culture. By walking throughout the village, you’ll be able to look over gabled walls to view traditional Korean houses of various sizes. Unforgettable destinations in the village include tea houses and an outdoor museum.


For visitors who are looking to expertise nightlife in Seoul, Octagon is one of the city’s hottest clubs. Unlike other clubs in the city, Octagon doesn’t practice“booking” or forced interactions. Crazy performing arts, music, and laser shows are the big draw to this club, which is found among the New Hilltop Hotel.

Korea Furniture Museum

Furniture MuseumThe Korean Furniture Museum is one of the most beautiful and important architectural destinations in Seoul. While the museum itself is spectacular to look at, it also houses over 2,000 pieces of traditional furniture and 10 hanok, or traditional Korean houses. Walk-ins are not allowed and reservations need to be made in advance.

Gyenongbok Palace

One of the most famed royal palaces in Korea, the Gyenongbok Palace is a vital destination when visiting Seoul. Luckily, it’s difficult to miss, as it is found at the end of the city’s main boulevard, Sejongro. Tours are available three times per day to find out more about court customs and architectural traditions in Korea.


In the past, the Insadong region was renowned for being a traveller trap filled with souvenir shops, but the district has recently gone through some changes. Now, the neighborhood could be a trendy and artsy spot crammed with trendy tea shops and art galleries. This is a great place to pick up some handmade accessories and jewelry in Seoul.


The gritty neighborhood of Itaewon is tourist-friendly, and it’s situated close to the main Army base in Seoul. This region is full of restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops that sell Korean pottery, jewelry, tailored suits, and even reproductions of Korean furniture.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Cheonggyecheon StreamSeoul could be a loud and bustling town, therefore if you would like some down time to gather your thoughts, consider walking on the 3.6 mile stream located just off of Sejongro. Since the stream is about 15 feet below street level, it is quiet and peaceful. Small waterfalls also make the area very serene, and it is a popular destination for couples.

These are the Wonderful Reasons to Visit Seoul. Check out and Enjoy!

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