Yercaud could be a picturesque hill station lying in the Salem district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The mountainous territory of Yercaud is known as the Shevaroy Hills. Yercaud is known as the Jewel of the South as well due to its growing significance as a top tourist destination in Southern India. Read out the Yercaud Tourism and make a decision on your trip.


You can get natural oils, fragrances, coffee powder, and sweetness care products from Yercaud. These are offered in smart quality and reasonable rates. The city is dubbed as the ?Ooty of the Poor? because of cheap prices of goods. The Salem city is quite known for colorful handloom fabrics and dress materials. The principal shopping districts in Yercaud are the most Bazaar and also the Salem Co-operative Super Market Branch. Clove, pepper, coffee, cinnamon, and honey are the popular buys.

Places to see in and around Yercaud

Yercaud Town– The Yercaud city lies at an elevation of 1350 meters or 4700 feet. Yercaud is the Taluk headquarters of this city.

Emerald LakeThe Emerald Lake or massive Lake– This serene lake is set in an exceedingly impressive bordering of natural sandbanks and hills. There’s a superbly improved landscaped backyard on one side of the lake and also the lake offers boating opportunities to the enthusiasts. It’s the only real natural lake among all the Hill station lagoons in South India.

Deer Park– The Deer Park lies in the middle of the Emerald Lake. It’s a well-liked recreational area for children.

Anna Park– The Anna Park is found beside the lake. The world is specifically wont to organize the ‘Flower Show’ that takes place in May. There is another park in Anna Park which is known as the ‘Japanese Park’ and it’s a well-liked holidaymaker draw.

Gent’s Seat; Lady’s Seat and Children’s Seat – This is a rocky formation towards the southwest of the Yercaud mountains and offers scenic views of the town of Salem and ghat road in the south.

Lady's SeatOrchidarium-Botanical Survey of India– The city houses one of the two orchidariums managed by the botanic Survey of India. It houses an enormous assortment of indigenous orchids. You may see the famous insect-eating orchid which is called as the Ladies Slipper.

Horticulture Farm– The horticultural garden is home to the ‘Children Seat’ and ‘Rose Garden’. The Rose Garden features different types of roses starting from Very Big Rose to Button Rose.

Pagoda Point– The Pagoda Point is located to the eastern fringes of the Yercaud Mountains. This place is called as Pyramid Point as well.

Pagoda PointArthur Seat– This summit offers a panoramic vista of the Yercaud Town and Big Lake. You can see the picturesque Shevaroyan Peak from this elevated area.

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